10-tonne vessels were delivered to New Zealand by FJT Logistics

The transportation of trimaran vessels

A trimaran vessel was successfully delivered by FJT Logistics. The cargo was over-dimensional, which became a kind of challenge for the contractor. As for the sizes of the vessel, they were as follows:

  • length: 18 meters
  • width: 5 meters
  • height: 5 meters.

The weight of the cargo required to transport totaled 10 tonnes. The transportation was organized in several stages. First, the contractor company loaded a lightweight carbon fiber boat. It was carried out in the Port of Cat Lai, which is situated not far from the city of Ho Chi Minh. The security of the cargo was achieved by means of tailor-made wood support saddle with a shrink-wrapping.

blue and white ship on sea under cloudy sky during daytime

In the port, the cargo was transferred under the deck on the vessel called OOCL Savannah. The platform of the latest contained 8 flat racks with a size of 40 feet.

The next stage of the transportation was to deliver the cargo to Auckland in New Zealand. The transportation was carried out via Taiwanese port of Kaohsiung. As soon as sea transportation was fulfilled, the contractor organized unloading delivery by road. As a result, the cargo was delivered to the boatyard known as Silo Park. There the specialists were waiting to assemble and rig the vessel.

FJT Logistics: general information

The history of FJT started in 1890 with the establishment of Buying/Confirming House business by Francis John Tytherleigh. The company under consideration was founded in 2001. The firm is headquartered in Australia with the offices in such big cities as Melbourne, Auckland, and Sydney. The specialists of the company create efficient and cost-effective solutions in order to meet the requirements of their clients. Their primary direction is door-to-door transportations. Besides, they also deal with warehousing, distribution, and import mostly in Australia and New Zealand.

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Today FJT has offices in Europe and Asia. With their support, the firm keeps constantly developing. The staff of the company has a great experience and provides high quality and professional services for the customers. Thus, the company does everything to meet the clients’ freight needs. The application of modern equipment and innovative solutions helps them with this task.

More information concerning the activity and history of FJT Logistics might be found on their official website.