14 Thousand Tons of Power

two person standing near wall

The year of 2011 marked the start of execution of the promising investment project – construction of Sukhodolsky special heavy machine-building plant. Design capacity of the facility is 40 thousand tons per annum, intended for fabrication of forged and stamped pieces weighing from 600 to 7,000 kilograms from round workpieces and flat products.

Erection of the Sukhodolsky plant is now moving to its final stage. Unrivalled double-action hydraulic press produced by German SСHULER was installed at the plant. The 14-thousand-ton powered unit is expected to provide the highest efficiency in the European part of Russia. By means of a hot forming method, the press will be used to fabricate the flat stock with the thickness of up to 120 millimeters.

Upon project implementation, the Sukhodolsky special heavy machine-building plant is going to be the largest metal-working enterprise on the territory of our country and the first plant of this type in the Russian Federation built after 1991.

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