24 pipe racks are delivered to Zirku Island in the UAE by ALE Heavylift

A famous company in the sphere of heavy transportations was selected for the fulfillment of the pipe racks transportation to Zirku Island, the United Arab Emirates. The equipment needed to be brought for the Satah al Razboot project located on ADMA-OPCO-Zirku Island.

The number of pipes totaled 24 units. The weight of the heavy loads varied from 250 to 400 tonnes. The weight of the load was calculated at 14 designated points by ALE using special custom weighting system.

The pipes were placed on the temporary steel constructions. The project team of the contractor used 62-axle lines of the self-propelled modular trailer (SPMT) to lift the cargo. Thus, the load was transferred to the jetty. For the sea transportation of pipe racks, the executor used 300-class barge. The waterway, which totaled 150 km, was successfully overcome and the cargo was finally delivered to Zirku Island.

ALE Heavylift: general information about the company

black metal tube lot

This global company was established in 1983. Throughout its history, the firm has been developing and extending. Today ALE is known as one of the world leaders in the area of heavy transportations and installations. They have a global network of the offices in various countries. The fleet of the company is impressive. It consists of different large and mobile cranes, installations machinery, special transporters, etc.

Initially, ALE had an office in Abu Dhabi. The company worked with oil & gas industrial sectors of the country. The active expansion of the company started in 1995. Later, the firm started designing the concepts with the largest capacity in the world, such as AL.SK190, Mega Jack, etc. In 2012, ALE won the prizes from ESTA & the NDA.

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The future development of the company was strongly connected with the application of new technologies and innovations. In 2017, ALE managed to fulfill the biggest commercial lift with the help of their AL.SK350 mobile crane. They also took part in the salvation operation in the East China Sea using their SPMTs with 600-axle lines.

The latest achievement of the firm happened in 2018 when they transported an enormous evaporator with the weight of over 5,000 tonnes. Besides, this is the year of the 10th anniversary of their AL.SK vehicles introduction.

We can surely wait for more offices to open and more equipment to be produced by ALE in the following years as the technologies keep developing.