The 30th office of BBC Chartering was opened in Vietnam

BBC Chartering comes to Vietnam

BBC Chartering declared the establishment of their office in the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh. In accordance with the news and the information from BBC Chartering, Vietnam shows the strong direction for the development of the project cargo, heavy, and general loads transportation industry in comparison with to the other states.

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It is noticed that Vietnam demonstrates the economic expansion, which is supported by the investments to the project activity in the industrial sector. Such news concerning the Vietnamese strategy was received from the BBC Chartering CEO S. Andersen. This is one of the reasons, why the company wants to give them access to their network of projects, which is leading in the world. Besides, such a solution is able not only improve their trading activities but also make their connections in the Far East stronger for their clients.

The office in Vietnam appeared to be the 30th one opened by BBCC. It is said to serve as a subsidiary office of the regional hub of BBCC located in Singapore. V. D. Khanh was appointed as a head of the new office. He is an experienced specialist in project chartering.

The office can be found in the Tan Phu Ward, District 7 of the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh.

BBC Chartering: general information about the carrier

The company under consideration is a world leader in transportation and lifting industry. They deal with:

  • project cargo
  • sea transportations
  • heavy lifting, etc.
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BBCC was established in 1997. The head office of the firm is located in the city of Leer, Germany. Providing the most effective solutions, the company has a wonderful reputation among the clients all over the world. The key thing of the firm is their ‘APAC service’, which means they offer facilities in any port and for any loads. The fleet of BBC Chartering is impressive. There are over 175 vessels, among which there are heavy and multi-purpose ones. The deadweight of the vessels varies from 3,500 to 37,300 tonnes, while the largest lifting capacity reaches 900 metric tonnes. The solutions offered by the company are always reliable, efficient, and flexible. As a result, they can meet any requirements of the clients.

BBC Chartering is directed to the constant development and expansion opening more and more offices throughout the globe. Read more information about the new Vietnamese office in the news on