40 Piles – 4 Thousand Tons

brown and white building during night time

The Volgodonsk Branch of ZAO AEM-technologies (Rosatom-AtomEnergoMash) completed fabrication and shipment of pile sections made for the LSP-1 oil platform under construction by OAO LUKOIL in the Caspian Sea. It is intended for development of the Filanovsky oil and gas condensate field.

At the final stage of load-out from a specialized jetty of the Volgodonsk Branch, three vessels shipped 24 sections of oversize piles with a total weight of more than 2,400 tons to the client. The offshore platform piles consist of sections of three standard sizes: 30, 32 and 40 meters long, measure 2.1 meters in diameter and up to 85 mm thick. Each section weighs from 67 to 120 tons. Throughout sections’ manufacturing, six automatic welding units were engaged on a round-the-clock basis to weld longitudinal and girth joints. As required, the section welds were subject to several types of inspection: ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle and radiographic inspections. All the sections passed expert review of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping with issuance of a corresponding certificate.

As per the contract, the Volgodonsk Branch of ZAO AEM-technologies supplied a total of 40 pile sections weighing about 4 thousand tons for the LSP-1 offshore platform.

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