5 new places to see in beautiful Siberia

You have probably heard of Siberia. It is a part of Russia that takes more than 70% of its territory. Siberia has beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views and a huge variety of rare animals and plants. The biggest, deepest and purest lake on Earth is located in this part of Russia. The lake is Baikal is one of the most significant places in Siberia. However, there are more places to visit in Siberia. Here are some of them:

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Take a trip to Akkem lakes in Altay, Siberia

Are you the person who loves being left alone with nature? Then Akkem lakes in Altay would be just the right place for you to visit. The Upper Akkem Lake and Lower Akkem Lake are located down at Altay mountainside like two majestic mirrors.

The Upper Akkem Lake or a “throbbing lake” disappears from time to time because of the troubled water flow. It only fills fully during the spring flood, for the rest of the time it is only filled by one of their branches of Akkem. Lower Akkem Lake has gray-white silt at the bottom because it was formed as the result of melting glacier. The lake is 2 meters above the sea level but is 1350 meters deep.

Learn more about Siberia by visiting Tomsk pisanitsa

Tomsk pisantisa is a historical-cultural natural museum-reserve. If you’re interested in history, then this is the right place for you to visit. Here you can see images of animals, hunting scenes, and other symbols of Neolithic and Bronze Age craved on the rocks. Tomsk pisanitsa also features different architectural, historical, and natural exhibitions. There is also an Ethnographic Complex that consists of 19-20th century houses featuring Russian banya, outbuildings for cattle, blacksmith and other parts of Russian houses. The nature is fascinating with the huge variety of animals and plant species. 

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Take a trip to the Altay Stonehenge in Siberia

Altay Stonehenge is the best place for those who love mystery. This historical monument has five big stones with a crossbar used to be and burial site. Here the shaman would conduct his rituals. People also say this place has a special energy – the perfect place for you to meditate and clear your mind. 

Enjoy the view from the Berdsk cliffs in Russian Siberia

If you’re up for an adventure you should visit Berdsk cliffs. This is a rocky area near the river. From the dangerous slopes of Zveroboy (“animal-killer”) you can enjoy a breathtaking view on valleys, mountains, forests and rivers. Extreme sport enthusiasts come here to climb the steep slopes. Others come here to enjoy the landscape.

Take a stroll through the New Siberian Zoo

The New Siberian zoo he’s one of the largest zoos in Russia, taking care of more than 11 000 animals. Only here you can get to know 738 species. A half of them are under the threat of disappearance. About 1.5 million people visit New Siberian Zoo every year. We recommend coming here during Russian national holidays when the zoo hosts special celebration programs.

Siberia is a beautiful place which is known not only for its cold winters. Visiting this beautiful region can be freezing cold but will totally be worth it. Take a look at Siberia beautiful landscapes and you will never be able to forget them. 


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