7-axle trailer Nooteboom

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Nooteboom provides its customers with a unique opportunity to purchase a European-level semitrailer. The latest technology is already available – this is a real breakthrough, which is worth its money – at all cost trailer will pay for its value!

It is possible to learn axle cost on a site.

A high-trailer, unlike axle less or less axle trailer, has an air suspension for lengthy transportation of heavy and bulky goods, appliances, and equipment up to 100 tonnes. The trailer is equipped with mechanical two-stage ramps with a spring helper and an angle of entry of 16 degrees, which is beyond the power of an axle less trailer.

Control system

Particular attention was paid to the design to ensure the maneuverability of the ballast trailer. Doing so, was received a low-cost trailer with such abilities. Find out the new axle cost today! Steering allows to easily enter into a steep turn or turn back. The semitrailer has seven axes: the first axis – self-aligning, the second – uncontrollable, the axles from third to seventh – with forced control. Forced control is carried out in automatic mode when turning on the road as a train. When making complex maneuvers, the trailer can be managed by the operator from a remote control panel connected to a semi-trailer. The trailer is equipped with a working electronic two-wire braking system. The frame has three links and is welded using high-strength imported steels. Thanks to this, six-history trailer already becomes a legend. We recall that trailer payload for today is maximal – up to 100 tons! Trailer with six axles coped with fewer loads.

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The semi-axial sliding trailer became one of the most significant developments of Nooteboom. The implementation of this project is a huge step forward in the history of trailer construction.


As we have already mentioned, the new axles are surprisingly available: the new trailer cost does not exceed the average price for the market but, given the capabilities of technology, this price is more than profitable. You can find out new trailer price on our website: just contact us in the way convenient for you and get the most detailed information!