A Unique Cargo

red and blue cargo ship on body of water during daytime

OAO VolgogradNefteMash successfully completed a challenge of the operation on shipping two abnormal-sized coke drums designated for the delayed coker unit (AO Gazpromneft-Omsk Refinery). Diameter of each item, made from bimetallic chromium-molybdenum steel in compliance with the most stringent requirements of the Russian and international standards, is 9.5 meters, length – 36 meters, and weight – 600 tons. Until now, no manufacturer in our country has produced coke drums of such considerable dimensions.

The unique vessels were shipped to Omsk by water. The transportation will last for several months.

During its 75-year history, VolgogradNefteMash has produced more than 100 coke drums. The first vessels were manufactured for Baku (Azerbaijan) and Krasnovodsk (Turkmenistan) oil refineries in the mid-60s of the last century. Between 2010 and 2014, 14 outsized coke drums were delivered for PAO Lukoil and PAO Tatneft facilities. It is worth mentioning that in comparison to all the coke drums previously produced by VolgogradNefteMash, the vessels for Omsk Refinery have the most impressive weights and dimensions.

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