A used Scheuerle modular trailer

Modular trailers are multi-axle vehicles. They are applied in the iron and steel, chemical, construction industry, and the power stations sphere. This variation of machinery is the most widespread type of transporters. They are indispensable for the transportation of enormous loads, which cannot be disassembled.

There are several advantages of such trailers, which are:

  • stability
  • reliability
  • high efficiency.

The vehicle under consideration was created in 1999. As for the construction of the machinery, it has a mechanical steering system and hydraulically supported pendulum axles (as well as all the rest of the trailers created by Scheuerle).

Consider the characteristics of the Modular trailer:

  • the minimal load floor length: 3,000 mm
  • the maximum load floor length: 6,810 mm
  • extra: outriggers
  • dead weight: 10.5 tonnes.

The trailers of such type are safe, cost-effective, and comfortable to operate.

You can make sure of it purchasing one of such vehicles at the Global Trailer Center of Nooteboom. The price for the machinery is moderate.

Nooteboom and Scheuerle

Nooteboom is a well-known company in the abnormal transport sphere. It produces high-quality vehicles for the transportation of the heavy loads. The firm also offers a great variety of used trailers, which are sold at their Global Trailer Center. You can find out more information about the other vehicles presented there on the website.

The Scheuerle company has been in the industry of heavy transporters development for many years. It is a part of TII Group. They are aimed at using the advanced technologies in order to create the revolutionary vehicles. Among the advantages of their products, there are:

  • optimized payload
  • large steering angle
  • great reliability
  • light weight
  • safety
  • maneuverability.
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The products are also user-friendly. The company is known for their successful cooperation with the other firms across Europe.

Purchase one of the used Scheuerle trailers at the Global Trailer Center. For the comfort of the customers, there is a delivery option offered by Nooteboom.