Learn why AAL shipping has become the best in its field

All vessels are universal and multi-deck for the transport of heavy goods with double inspection holes.

The vessels are equipped to transport dangerous goods. The fire extinguishing system is installed in each cargo compartment and engine room. A smoke or fire response system is also installed.

Northern Austral Asia line

Ports of Australia, Adelaide, Port Campbell, and Townsville are from the Australian side. In Asia, direct shipments are made to Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Kilung, Dalian, Xingang, Qingdao, Ningbo, Nanjing, and other Chinese ports.

Modern vessels were built considering the high standards and requirements for the transport of goods. These 30000 DWT modern, versatile, and multi-deck vessels are excellent at handling containers, unified cargo, construction cargo, heavy goods and another piece cargo. The working load for the crane is more than 220 tons. It is very important that each ship be designed to reduce the impact of certain types of cargoes. The speed of each vessel is more than 18 knots.

Complex transportation

We provide comprehensive liner transportation; we meet the most complex requirements of customers. The flexibility of working with general cargo and shipyards in Australia and Asia allow us to meet customer needs for specific cargoes.

Transportation of earth-moving equipment, for example, excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, and railway rolling stock is quite specific work because a vulnerable cargo is carried. Our team specializes in this field, and for one flight can carry up to 20 units of heavy equipment. The structure of the courts and the high level of skill of the movers and crewmembers allow us to transport rolling loads. Large importer of earth-moving equipment in Australia is strategic supplier of these services. We also transport new equipment for crawler tractors, Komatsu and Hitachi.

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We deal with loading and unloading directly from the berth or at the request of the client. Not many companies can afford it. We transport used and new boats of famous manufacturers and brokers in Australia. We guarantee fast and safe transportation of goods.

Effective and safe transportation of metal goods requires the availability of appropriate vessels for:

  • maintaining a concentrated load
  • the presence of boxes to remove suspension brackets
  • ensuring safe transport in cargo hatchways.

The team is proud of the fact that it performs its work efficiently and with optimal rates for transportation of any cargo.