Learn how to repair damaged goods trailer

A service station for the repair of semi-trailers and the sale of original spare parts for trucks professionally works on the market of trucks for many years.

The group of companies includes:

  • a division for the sale of semi-trailers and special equipment
  • technical center for the repair of tractors and trucks
  • assembly plant cargo and special equipment.

white box truck crossing on road during daytime

The company is a subdivision of the plant and the warranty service station of the manufacturer Nooteboom. The company’s activities cover a wide range of services – service and maintenance of vehicles, maintenance and repair of semi-trailers.

The technical center is for professional repair and maintenance of any semi-trailers. Here all necessary types of work are performed. The goal is to prepare the semitrailer for solving problems in the shortest possible time. For this purpose, apart from the service department, a spare parts warehouse and a service station are opened. Service specialists have extensive experience and certificates of training at factories of leading companies.

Own spare parts warehouse allows minimizing the delivery time of spare parts. In the warehouse, there are about 5,000 items in stock. All work is coordinated with the client. No work will be included in the order without obtaining consent for its execution.

Therefore, all customers are protected, since all services and types of work are certified and agreed. In addition, each service is provided with a guarantee.

Types of jobs

The list of works on maintenance and repair of damaged goods trailer includes:

  • replacement of oil, filters, replacement of shoes, brake discs
  • repair and diagnostics of gas equipment, water, and heating systems
  • repair of additional equipment
  • electricity: diagnostics and repair
  • replacement of glasses, hatches
  • furniture repairing
  • replacement of furniture fittings.
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There are also repair works for tuning:

  • bracing
  • covers
  • installation of folding seats with rail guides
  • custom-made rugs in the cabin and interior.

The repair is carried out by the employees of the service center – certified specialists, trained at the enterprises of machinery manufacturers and suppliers of additional equipment.