Gottwald crane with high load capacity – all features of the model

A hundred years ago, the Gottwald Port Technology GmbH was created. Now it is the part of the Demag Cranes Group. Twenty years ago, they specialized exclusively in cargo handling technology in ports and terminals. The company is known as the inventor of the Mobile Port Crane and is the trendsetter in the automation of container transportation.

The range of Mobile Port Cranes includes both stationary port cranes and mobile as well as automated loaders for horizontal transportation of containers, loaders and widespread crane portals. In addition, a management system and software, including AGVs and ASCs, has been developed. Modern simulation and technology help planning, design, and evaluation of work even before the beginning of the work of technology.

Techniques are equally suitable for operation in marine and inland terminals and, depending on the needs and the configuration chosen, work together easily.

Cranes have high productivity and loading speed. All types of equipment complement each other, and the use of AVG loaders can significantly reduce the amount of equipment necessary for loading/unloading.

Since 1996, Gottwald has been certified to DIN ISO 9001.

The company’s products are used and sold all over the world.

The construction of the Gottwald crane

The unquestionable leader in the field of crane engineering today is the German company named Gottwald. For about 45 years, it has been manufacturing lifting equipment, using the latest technology and engineering solutions. The brightest “landmark” in the model range was the largest mobile crane: this model debuted at the Bauma 2007. Since that moment, for several years, the company was the only firm in the world that produced mobile cranes of this size and carrying capacity.

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It has a lifting capacity of 1,200 tons and in full capacity is able to lift cargo to a height of up to 190 meters (equal to the height of a 50-story building!). To bring the working mechanisms of the truck crane into action, it has a 6-cylinder engine with an impressive capacity. The width of the crane is only 3 meters, which allows you to easily move along roads of general purpose.