Learn more about the company’s employees, in particular, about Bob Burks

Bob Burks is one of the key employees of the company. During his work, he distinguished himself not only with a responsible attitude towards work but also with a host of innovations that brought the enterprise to a new level.

The main office and production of Koninklijke Nooteboom Trailers B.V. in Viikhen has 350 employees, and the turnover of the company is over 100 million Euros. Nooteboom Trailers considers its main task to satisfy the requirements of its customers, as well as the introduction of innovations in the field of transportation and a reduction in operating costs for transportation.


man using angle grinder

The company is constantly working on improving the quality of products and optimizing the service. The assortment of the manufactured products covers the whole range of existing low-frame heavy-duty semi-trailers, including special development. The very high quality of semi-trailers has a reasonable price. Reliability is a synonym for Nooteboom semi-trailers. Consumers highly appreciate the company’s equipment.

Throughout the world, Nooteboom is known for the production and sale of multifunctional trawls. Modular trawls of Nooteboom company can transport goods of non-standard sizes and weight over 1,000 tons, without damaging the road surface. In addition, the company produces lengthening trawls that can transport fragments of TV towers, yachts, wind generators, counterbalances of various types of cranes. The speed of the trawler when transporting the load is 80 km/h.

The company also produces low-drop high-power trawls that are used in the construction or repair of roads, where heavy tractors, bulldozers, crawler excavators, and other oversized and large-tonnage equipment must be delivered to hard-to-reach facilities.

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