Learn more about one of the key employees of Nordex Acciona

BJ Dykstra was born in Iowa and graduated from Villanova University. He devoted eight years of his life to work in the field of wind power. His main employer is Acciona Windpower. Today, this is the company Nordex/Acciona Windpower, where our hero holds a post at the head office in Chicago. The beginning of the career path was as a logistics manager.

He was engaged in contracting and developing logistics routes. Gradually, his career became very impressive.

Wind power: what is it?

Wind power is a method of obtaining various types of energy, based on the use of energy generated by the movement of air masses.

Wind energy has been used by mankind for a long time. It was the wind energy of the century that moved the sailing ships, allowing crossing the oceans, the wind energy was also used in the mills; it was also used for irrigation of fields and drainage of lands. When humanity discovered the benefits of electricity, attention was again drawn to wind power: in the XIX century, wind power stations were actively built for industrial electricity production.

Wind power stations for agriculture were developed, which could be manufactured directly on site, and materials for their production were generally available. These installations were used for lighting as well as for household needs (for example, for mills).

The decline of wind power in the middle of the twentieth century was caused by the appearance of cheap transmission and distribution networks of power plants using traditional organic fuels, as well as hydroelectric power stations. The limited fuel stocks by the end of the twentieth century led to a revival of interest in wind energy, which is almost infinite.

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Nordex Acciona: features of the enterprise

The main specialization of the company is wind turbines, which the company supplies to virtually all geographic regions. Distinctive features of the company are long-term experience, qualified employees, and also huge development. It is important to mention that the management company has a head office in Rostock. The headquarters is in Hamburg. Factories are located in five countries. The assortment is very wide. Branches of the company are represented all over the world, in the territories of 25 countries. The number of employees is almost 5,000.