Ace Trading Company carries out various shipments of yachts to India

Ace Trading Company & yacht logistics is engaged in cargo transportation, including large yachts trading cradles to the territory of India. In this country, it is very in demand: the company has the necessary technical equipment and, therefore, its services are popular. One of the latest projects was the transportation of several large enough yachts. The journey passed without negative consequences, the cargo was successfully delivered. But why India is popular for Ace Freight Forwarding? We will tell you a little about how much yachts are in demand in India.

Yacht for sale in India

white and gold yacht scenery

India makes the impression of a third-world country. This is not so: having abundant demographic and natural resources, as well as a technological base and a huge territory, it can become a superpower in the very near future, having pushed China off the throne.

Modern India has huge enterprises, numerous factories and companies, multi-million cities, most of which are located off the coast of the Indian Ocean. It is a convenient and fully developed tourist region, which provides ample opportunities not only to an ordinary tourist but also to a yachtsman.

Rent and sale of yachts in India are well developed. Charter flights in this region are very popular, the market is saturated with domestic products and foreign ships. India is the largest player in the market of private yachts and boats as it has the company ABG Shipyard.

There are many new yachts waiting for their owners in the shipyards and marinas. Many of them are made in China. There are also used ships – practically of all world manufacturers.

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In India, you will have a wide choice. As in other countries in Asia, there are many motor vessels. The advantages that such yachts provide are appreciated in China, Indonesia, and India itself. There is a wide range of sailing boats. Sailboats enjoy traditionally great attention both among the Indians themselves and among Europeans. By the way, the sailboats made up most of the Indian fleet until the 50s of the last century.

In the region, there are exhibitions, regattas, boat shows. As one of the industrial giants, India attracts investors’ attention and there are foreign shipyards here. This has only benefited both the Indian industry itself and the yacht market.

You can buy a yacht in India at a relatively low price but this is not the only advantage of the local market.