The acquisition of the Boer B.V. company

The new equipment was purchased by Boer B.V. in 2017. The acquisition included FM 5-axle tractor created by the Volvo Group Truck Center. It is aimed at heavy transportations (FM 5 has 540 hp). The machinery has 9-tonne lift axle with the air suspension (all around the tractor). Such combination makes the equipment extremely maneuverable. Besides, the company asked for the low cab height in order to transport pile drivers as well. To make such transport possible, FM 5 is combined with the low-loader EURO-136-25 (ICP). The total GCW of these pieces of machinery reaches 150 tonnes, while the payload is almost 100 tonnes.

low angle photo of curtain wall building

As for the features of the Nooteboom’s low-loader, it is equipped with a low load floor (which is removable) created with beams. The latest can be replaced with a short coupling element. Such characteristics allow applying the machinery, as a 7-axle line Pendel-X semi low-loader and transport concentrated heavy loads.

As the representatives of Boer B.V. claim, the combination shows really great maneuverability. The Volvo tractor itself is equipped with the second steered lift axle on air suspension, which has the capacity of 9 tonnes. Together with the 10-tonne self-tracking axle, the tractor gets impressively maneuverable. Such solution is very useful for the sites with little space. For the comfortable driving Boer B. V. ordered to add Volvo Dynamic Steering stability system. Thus, the drivers make minimum efforts and avoid overburdening.

Before the application of the vehicles, it is required to read the manual (especially fm5 25 and fm5 31 sections).

Boer B.V.: general information

Boer B.V. was established in 1941. The headquarters of the company is located in Meerkerk. Today it is aimed at innovations in the sphere of heavy lifting and transportations. Boer B.V. pays strong attention to the environmental issues. The fleet of the firm includes over 80 vehicles, with cranes and tractors. The latest acquisition from Volvo and Nooteboom became a good addition to the Boer BV’s collection.

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