Voyages across three Seas Added Experience

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In 2013, as declared by representatives of Russian Platinum Group, project implementation will be launched to develop Chernogorskoye deposit in Norilsk industrial district. As of today however, the company has still not decided on logistics to deliver cargoes along the Yenisei River.

As mentioned at the press conference by Gennady Piven, First Vice President of Russian Platinum Group, a tender was held to pick a jetty construction point in Dudinka or Igarka, after which the company involved one of Moscow design institutes in TEO development. Russian Platinum is confident that it will obtain appropriate permits to construct a jetty in Dudinka Sea Port.

The company is also considering a backup option to unload the cargoes in Igarka. The distance from there to the deposit is 250 kilometers.

– Slipping along the winter road from Igarka to Chernogorka will not be a problem at all, states the company. – This is an alternative and it can be used in parallel to the option of jetty construction on the Yenisei.

Meanwhile, OAO Northern Shipping Company and OOO Chernogorskaya Mining Company concluded a cooperation agreement in Arkhangelsk in early November 2012. Management of these companies signed a document which defines the principles of collaboration between the parties in transporting general cargoes from the Port of Arkhangelsk to the Ports of Dudinka (Igarka) and backwards. This long-term agreement became effective on the day of signing and will be valid for the next 7-8 years.

The agreement accounts for planned volumes of transportation from 6,000 tons in 2013, and increasing to 140 thousand tons by 2017. At first, OAO NSC vessels will deliver to Dudinka equipment and gear, building materials and steel structures required for construction of Chernogorsky Mining and Metallurgical Works. This agreement laid the foundation of long-term mutually beneficial cooperation of both parties.

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As highlighted by Mr. Piven: “We addressed three major Russian independent shipping companies. The priority was given to Northern Shipping Company, as during navigation in 2012 they had acquired huge experience of working on the Yenisei. Only Northern Shipping Company undertook to carry the assemblies from St. Petersburg to Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP across the three seas. This unique expertise of theirs served a substantial argument for our choice. They studied the river during this season, all its challenges, rapids and so on. And if they know everything, they are forarmed.”

From our side we can note that the turbines for Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP were delivered along the Yenisei by ships of Yenisei River Shipping Company. It is the experience of the Yenisei fleet that helped to fall on feet because of shallow waters, when the caravan with the turbines for SS HPP had to stop 100 kilometers away from Mayna HPP. At that time, in view of this situation, there was a meeting in Yenisei Basin Water Administration involving power and river industry representatives, at which it was resolved to increase the volume of flow through Sayano-Shushenskaya dam in order to create the water levels favorable for the Yenisei Shipping Company vessels at the river section from Mayna HPP tailwater to Krasnoyarsk Reservoir. As for the fleet of Northern Shipping Company, it was delivering the turbines only from Saint Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk.

Sourced from Nezavisimoe informatsionnoe agentstvo (independent news agency) and Russian Platinum Group press service.