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House transportation

From time immemorial transportation of various kinds of cargo was one of the most relevant and sought-after spheres of human activity.Transportation of things when moving, delivery of goods, building materials, cars and everything that can be useful to a person, is carried out daily by individual companies specializing in this industry. Even the transportation of houses is not a novelty, which at first glance seems completely unrealistic. However, today the transportation of entire buildings from place to place is not outstanding. Of course, if it is performed by an experienced team of specialists who use high-tech equipment in their work. It is also important to choose the right method of work – Wolfe House and Building Movers & House moving dollies are professionally involved in this.

Types of transportation of houses and their differences

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Transportation may be subject to any type of building. Transportation of residential country houses is more common abroad. For a long time, people there solve the problem of moving in such an original and convenient way. After all, why leave the native walls, get puzzled by collecting things and delivering them, and then settling down in a new place? It is much easier to transport your house entirely, changing the area and even the city of residence. But not only houses can be transported. It can also be buildings of valuable architecture, lighthouses, industrial structures, etc. There are cases when the building of architectural value no longer fits into the infrastructure of the area in which it is located but is not possible to demolish it. In such cases, the buildings are simply transported to more suitable areas. Videos presenting the process of doing such a rather difficult job as transporting houses in considerable quantities presented in the vast World Wide Web will help you the best. To date, there are three main ways to transport the whole building:

  • transportation of buildings in parts. In this case, the building is cut into separate sections, which are transported separately and are connected again on a new site
  • element-wise transportation of buildings. This is the most time-consuming and energy-consuming way to transport buildings. To do this, the building is dismantled literally to single bricks, wooden panels or other units of material. Every detail is marked and a special design of the structure is made. Having moved the materials to a new location, the building is re-assembled in accordance with the prepared plan
  • transportation of buildings entirely. In this case, the structure is cut off from the foundation and transported to a new place where a new foundation has already been prepared.
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