The main activity of Dachser Atlanta in the USA

About company: Dachser Atlanta

Dachser SE International is one of Europe’s leading full-cycle logistics service providers with over eighty years of experience and 100% family management. This guarantees the stability of the company’s policies and commitment to the priorities and principles that helped bring the Dachser to eighth place in the world from logistic provider among the top-100 companies.

The Russian branch was opened in 2007 in Moscow on the basis of the merger of German capital and the extensive experience of Intellect Logistics. In connection with the strengthening of the company’s business reputation and an increase in the number of clients in 2008, it was decided to open branches in Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, and Kaliningrad.

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The company is always ready to offer the best way to deliver the goods from anywhere in the world. The guarantee of this is real-time interaction with Dachser offices around the world – from China to the USA.

Realize your potential using the knowledge and capabilities of the company!

International activity: Dachser transport of America

In the media, there were reports that the German carmaker began to supply trucks on electric traction. Moreover, such a car can be purchased not only in the European region but also in some others.

The automaker began to supply electric trucks Fuso eCanter to the first customers, including DHL, DB Schenker, Dachser, and others. As for buyers outside the European region, a test batch of trucks went to the American company UPS, and 25 Fuso eCanter cars became the property of the Seven-Eleven stores and will be used to transport goods in Japan.

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Daimler says that the company’s customers will not only be able to contribute to the fight against environmental pollution but will also be able to save significantly in the process of operating electric cars, which are much cheaper to repair.

A small truck on the electric drive was created by engineers of Mitsubishi Fuso owned by Daimler. A full charge of rechargeable batteries of it will be enough to overcome about 100 km while carrying up to 4.5 tons of cargo. Serial production of Fuso eCanter has not yet been launched, so its value has not been disclosed. The developers are planning to start mass production of the electric trucks of the model by 2019