The Newest Addition to Novovoronezhskaya

worm's eye view of cave hole

Elements of the first power unit reactor – in-vessel core barrel and protective tube unit – were delivered to Novovoronezh NPP II (General Designer and General Contractor is OAO AtomEnergoProekt, Moscow).

A core barrel (weight is approximately 80 tons) is installed inside a reactor vessel, ensures design position of in-vessel internals as well as distributes the heat carrier flow at the core inlet and outlet. A protective tube unit (weight – 70 tons, height – 7.5 meters) is used to fix fuel assemblies (nuclear fuel elements) and also to protect the reactor control system from heat carrier impacts.

The upper unit of reactor vessel (weighing over 100 tons) was delivered to NVO NPP II site in early February. All the structural members of the reactor, including the vessel, were manufactured by OAO Izhorskiye Zavody.

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