Adventures of «Italians» in Russia

white and grey concrete tower

Ahlers completed a multimodal transportation from Italy to the Russian Urals. The total amount of trucks was 42 in number of which almost half was oversized up to 50 tons.

The common transportation was hindered by the air temperature getting down to -36, resulting in frozen cranes and delayed trucks, but nevertheless the project was carried out it time and within budget.

Initially, equipment was collected in Italy, trucked to the German port Luebeck and reloaded onto ferry to Saint-Petersburg. After Customs clearance the equipment was hauled another 2,400 km under harsh weather conditions.

The main requirement to the project was to clear the cargo under 0% import duties and 0% VAT. Therefore, to reduce risks, Ahlers found a creative solution to this issue and loaded the standard cargo onto trailers that was shipped as the oversized equipment on the same ferry. By clearing the equipment and trailers in the port of Saint-Petersburg, risk of demurrage was completely decreased.

There were no problems while forwarding the cargo. Permissions for the loading were obtained within 5 calendar days (which is incredible for Italy) which enabled exact compliance with the terms.

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