Agility global logistics became a winner of a contract with SSAB EMEA in 2013

Swedish Steel Contract offered by SSAB EMEA was won by Agility global logistics in the winter of 2013. It opened more opportunities for the company allowing them extending the range of services. According to the points of the contract, Agility logistics was hired to export the shipments from Swedish Oxelösund to various destinations all over the world. The total number of locations exceeded 9,000. The business development director of the contractor company called the cooperation a wonderful synergy, which is able to extend the export and import flows.

The company was selected to fulfill the contract because of their nice reputation, international presence, and ability to provide tailored solutions for the big volumes of shipments by sea, road, air or rail.

Agility logistics: general information about the contractor

parked vehicles on parking lot near plant field

The firm started its history as a small warehouse located in Kuwait. It was developing together with the global market. Today they are known as the biggest logistics company in the Middle East region. The total staff of Agility comprises over 20,000 people, while the offices of the firm are situated in 100 world countries. Agility offers the provision of supply chains in the most challenging areas. They are also known as a leading provider of integrated logistics all over the globe. The revenue of the company totals almost $5 billion.

The solutions offered by the firm are directed to the search of supply chain solutions to satisfy the traditional and complex requirements of the clients. Among the services offered, there are:

  • freights forwarding
  • ground-handling services
  • warehousing
  • project logistics
  • waste management
  • e-government customs optimization
  • distribution, etc.
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SSAB EMEA: important details

The history of the company began in 1878. Gradually they were developing and opening new plants in Oxelösund, Borlänge, and Luleå. In 1999, the firm was awarded a Steel Prize in Sweden. Today SSAB is a global steel company. They are known as a leading manufacturer of:

  • high-strength steel
  • quenched steel plate/strip/tubular products
  • tempered steels
  • solutions for construction.

As a result, the future products of other firms might be lighter and stronger, while their lifespan will be increased.

Today SSAB has plants not just in Sweden but also in the US and Finland. The total capacity of the plants reaches 8.8 million tonnes.