Agility logistics Houston and everything you wanted to know about this project

Now the situation in the logistics market is the most difficult. Nevertheless, even in such difficult economic conditions, specialists see opportunities and prospects for which we thank the experience and ambitions!

red metal crane near blue and yellow cargo container van

So, a few of the most important trends are:

  • investing in emerging markets: Agility Global is optimistic about developing countries and sees that they are the engine of global growth. Therefore, the company invests a lot on the African continent, in particular, in Ghana, where large distribution centers are opened. We are developing business in such countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, AED, Saudi Arabia, and the African continent
  • identification of customer needs, where one of the main rules is communicating with the client. It is important to respond quickly to changes in business and build services according to needs. In the new conditions, it is necessary to learn to appreciate and develop existing customers, to find new projects, using all possible resources and, of course, to seek new opportunities
  • the development of geography coverage: we are making a serious emphasis on developing the cooperation not only with the West but also within Eastern Europe
  • constant analysis of potential opportunities: during the period of import substitution, producers are increasing their volumes. But not everyone is ready for such a rapid growth of business and at this point, the logistics provider needs to promptly identify the client’s needs and propose a solution.

Historical reference: Agility project logistics in Houston

Historically, Agility was strictly focused on project cargoes from Europe, but already in the 4th quarter of 2014, in response to the current economic situation, we began structural changes aimed primarily at expanding our presence in the market in a variety of areas. We reviewed the mission of the company, changed the business structure and offers to customers, including regular transportation. For this purpose, a number of products have been created: direct transport from China by rail, warehouse logistics, courier delivery, transportation of consolidated cargo, etc. A lot of resources were found within the corporation itself.

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