Walton announced the collaboration with Clarke Engines in Bangladesh. An increase in profit is projected

Walton, based in Bangladesh, recently announced that Clark Energy was selected to participate in a support program for an enterprise that produces GE diesel engines.

Three engines, having an impressive capacity of about 2.5 megawatts, were delivered to Bangladesh. At the moment, the next delivery is expected. The reason for this decision was the unstable situation with local producers in the country.

Clark Motors again received the coveted tender

grayscale photography of vehicle engine

Clarke Energy is an internationally recognized expert in the area of design, packaging, installation of gas piston power plants. It is also an authorized distributor of GE Jenbacher gas piston engines in 19 countries around the world.

Clarke Energy’s capabilities for a full cycle of production and deployment are highly valued around the world; products and services of the company perfectly fit into our existing business structures related to energy, according to David Kohler. Walton was pleased with this acquisition, as it adds to their range of gas-piston power plants – proven environmentally friendly source of energy.

They believe that Clarke Energy’s solutions based on gas aggregates of the main and permanent operation mode are an ideal addition to the existing diesel generators for backup applications.

Established in 1989, Clarke Energy provides integrated distributed energy solutions in a variety of industries, mainly for basic and permanent operation. The staff numbers about 1,100 people; the company has created an extensive network of service centers with well-trained local specialists.

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Forecasts of prospects from the interaction of Walton and Clarke diesel engines

In conclusion, it was predicted that, thanks to the use of more efficient fuel and a significant reduction in the amount of lubricant, revenues should increase. To date, diesel engines of this type are the latest model of modern technology. Actions under the agreement will allow Walton to significantly reduce costs. In addition, it will be very useful for the environment.

Ecology care is consistently one of the priorities of Clarke GE Energy. Since its foundation, the company has paid a lot of attention to making its production as safe as possible, insofar as this is possible with such a profile of occupations. In its native territory, in the UK, Clarke Energy is considered a leader not only in production, but also in relation to a conscious attitude to the world around.