Air X charter’s new acquisitions set new standards of the aircraft operation

In 2016, the Breakbulk giant called Air X Aviation announced the acquisition of two other famous companies. The latest were ViaAir and Elite Airlines. As a result, Air X obtained two additional aviating licenses:

  • Part 121 (the right to operate bigger aircrafts, which was brought together with ViaAir)
  • Part 135 (the right to operate standard VIP charters, which was received from Elite Airlines).

The negotiations of the companies lasted for several months. During that time, they also managed to resolve many organizational issues. The cooperation is thought to be very productive.

The acquisition is said to be a great step forward for the whole sector and sets new standards of aircraft operation in America.

Via Air and Elite Airways

airline about to land on ramp

ViaAir is a US company, which works in the sphere of regional flights across the country. It was founded in 1997 offering both public and private flights. They worked mostly with corporations, sports teams, etc. Scheduled flights were first offered in 2014.

Elite Airways is a company offering scheduled and passenger flights. It was established in 2006. FAA Part 121 license was obtained in 2012. The firm announced its first scheduled passenger route in 2014. Since that time, they have been working to extend their services. Elite Airways company also keeps adding new modern aircrafts to their fleet in order to improve their services. Today they offer flights within the US, Canada, and Mexico in various destinations.

Other interesting news about Air X

In 2016, the company appointed a new president of Air X America. Darren Banham became the one, who took the position. The man used to be a broker. There were several other changes inside of the company. Thus, the staff was enlarged and received:

  • David Livingstone
  • Jose Torres
  • Simon Edwards
  • Peter Obre
  • Daniel Frisch
  • Jack Burt.
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It is also vital to know that John B. Mathews (the chairperson of the Breakbulk giant) told about 3 other shareholders. One of them is a company, which is listed among 20 top aircraft-leasing firms.

Air X also has plans for the purchase of ten more planes, thus, enlarging their fleet. They are able to become ‘number one’ in the sphere of charters in America. At the same time, they are going to gradually reduce capital expenditures and operating costs to make the flights more accessible.