New powerful 8,000-tonne heavy lift cranes are to be produced soon

ALE company is an internationally known manufacturer of various heavy transports based in Abu Dhabi, which has managed to take the leading position in this industry. Working since 1983, they have developed the global network and engineered the large collection of heavy lifting cranes.

ALE firm is currently working for the various types of industry:

  • civil
  • petrochemical
  • oil and gas
  • offshore
  • mining
  • marine
  • nuclear
  • renewables
  • ports
  • energy
  • minerals and metals, etc.

The offices of the ALE company are located in various parts of the globe. They have partners not just in their native state (the United Arab Emirates) but also in many world countries including:

  • Brazil
  • Iraq
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • China
  • Mozambique
  • The Philippines, etc.

Since 2006, the company has been working on and investing in the research and development of their technologies. And today, they are almost ready to present their new concept of heavy lift crane. According to the statement of ALE representatives, their heavy lift cranes will become two times more powerful and enduring than their previous models of equipment.

Heavy lifting crane designed by ALE: find out the true power

G. Alders (the Global Projects sales manager of ALE company) has recently announced that the necessity to create the new and better lift cranes is caused by the multiple requests from their partners. In fact, the demand was to lift about 7,000 tonnes, while the far-sighted company has decided to go even further.

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The capacity of the lift crane is really impressive. The firm assures that it will be able to lift up to 8,000 tonnes. Such outstanding result has never been achieved before. Moreover, the engineers all over the world could hardly believe that it would be achieved at all.

According to the ALE representatives, the load moment of the new heavy lift cranes will reach more than 700,000 tonne-meters. The solution is titled AL.SK-700. It is based on the current AL.SK models of the company. The main purpose of the development of such powerful equipment is the super-heavy module lifting work, which is required mostly in the sphere of shipbuilding and in the offshore.

ALE company current achievements

The new heavy lift crane won’t become the first revolutionary creation of ALE. One of their most prominent successes is AL.SK-350. This crane has the lifting capacity, which totals 5,000 tonnes, while the load moment of the equipment reaches more than 350,000 tonne-meters. The striving of the firm for the investment into the research and development has allowed reaching such wonderful results for the company itself and for the industries it cooperates with.

With plenty of awards, such as the ones from ESTA, The Heavies and the NDA, the application of the modern technologies and innovative solutions as well as the tendency to the research and development, the ALE company keeps on modernizing and improving the production as well as continues to break the world records. Thus, they preserve the position of the world-leading manufacturer of the cranes and the other heavy lift equipment.

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