Learn more about the Al-Zour Refinery construction project moderated by Agility

KNPC Al-Zour project updates

During the Breakbulk forum organized in Abu Dhabi in 2018, Agility Project Logistics presented new information concerning the development of oil refinery project in Kuwait.

The project is currently under the moderation of Agility. During Breakbulk Middle East, the whole project cargo case study was carried out.

Agility became responsible for the over-dimensional transportation of different equipment and heavy lifting. They were accountable for door-to-door transportation. As for the completion of the project, for the first stage, several companies were selected:

  • Technicas Reunidas
  • Sinopec
  • Hanwha Engineering.

As the representatives of Agility claim, the cargo is now moving underway. There were certain challenges the company faced. It concerned the items made in India, Italy, and Korea. Among the cargos, there were 4 columns with the weight of over 800 metric tonnes and 2 with the weight of over 300 metric tonnes. The transportation was carried out by road and by water. It was vital to make sure they had the appropriate means of transport including barges, vessels, and vehicles. One of the significant complications was the restrictions of the roads in Kuwait.

KNPC Al-Zour project: general information

The project under consideration was initiated by KNPC. It is a Greenfield low-sulfur fuel oil refinery. The key purpose of the project is the replacement of high-sulfur fuel oil, which is currently applied to the local power stations. As KNPC plans, the refinery will process over 600 barrels per stream day of light Kuwait crude. At the same time, the price of the project reached $13 billion. As a result of such a project, the specialists want not just to protect the environment but also to produce ultra-low diesel fuels transporting them all over the world.

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Agility: details about the company

Agility is an international company, which deal with various types of transportations. They offer the following services:

  • water transportations
  • airfreight
  • land transportations
  • solutions for the supply chains, etc.

The supply chains the specialists of the firm build are always durable and efficient. As a result, their customers can get access to the new opportunities and strengthen the infrastructure. If you want to read more information about the logistics company, visit their official website.