ALE introduces a new heavy lifting crane with the capacity of 8,000 tonnes

ALE announced the creation of a new heavy-lift crane in 2016. The solution was titled AL.SK700. The features and design of the vehicle are based on 2 AL.SK cranes. The key purpose of the creation is to fulfill various super-heavy lift services. The main direction for the application of the machinery is offshore and shipbuilding sectors.

The features of the revolutionary invention

The characteristics of the heavy lifting crane are impressive:

  • load capacity: 8,000 tonnes
  • load moment: 708,000 tonne-meters.

The system is equipped with 2 winches of 4,000 tonnes each. The decision to design such a vehicle was provoked by the requests of the clients to lift the loads with the weight of 7,000 tonnes.

Other inventions of the firm

The latest creation before the announcement of AL.SK700 crane was AL.SK350 model. The features of the machinery are also impressive. The load capacity totals 5,000 tonnes, while the load moment is 354,000 tonne-meters. To meet the needs of the customers, the company uses FPSOs and LNG modules.

The fleet of ALE is enormous. It contains not just heavy cranes but also special transporters and various equipment for installation. The capacity of their land-based vehicles is the largest thanks to the significant investments in the research work and development since 2006.

ALE Heavylift: general information

ALE is a global company, which was founded in 1983. Today they are known as one of the world leaders in heavy transportations, lifting, and installations. The global network allows them cooperating with the clients throughout the world.

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The first office of the company was established in Abu Dhabi. ALE started with working for power, gas, and oil sectors. Now they create revolutionary vehicles for nuclear, energy, offshore, marine, petrochemical, metal, and plenty of other industries.

The development of the company has always been strongly connected with the application of modern technologies and innovations. In 2017, the firm completed the biggest commercial lift with their revolutionary AL.SK350 crane.

The transportation of an enormous evaporator with the weight of more than 5,000 tonnes became the latest achievement of ALE. The transportation was fulfilled earlier in 2018. Besides, the year 2018 became the 10th anniversary for ALE’s AL.SK vehicles introduction, which happened in 2008.