American Airlines Cargo has announced the connection of the largest hubs with Boeing 777-300

American Airlines Cargo is a well-known American air freight company, which is a division of American Airlines, Inc. It has been working in the sphere of freights for many years by now.

The firm is an innovator and the aviation pioneer. They offer various services for the customers all over the world, which include:

  • scheduled cargo services
  • coast-to-coast cargo services
  • ready-to-wear clothing shipping
  • powered cargo loading
  • animal transportation
  • dangerous goods delivery
  • valuable air cargos delivery
  • the other VIP services, etc.

With a good customer service, American Airlines Cargo attracts even more clients.

American Airlines Cargo offers different variations of containers and aircraft for the refrigerated products, powered equipment, and so on. The majority of the freights made by American Airlines Cargo are from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

The offices and clients of this American cargo service are located all over the globe including the major cities of:

  • various parts of the USA
  • China and other Asian countries
  • Mexico
  • Canada
    Latin America
  • Europe (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and the others), etc.

The company has earned good reputation and faith of the customers because of:

  • reliability
  • fast delivery
  • the opportunity for different cargos transportation.

AA Cargo: the launch of the new route

A new non-stop service connection has been recently announced by the US airlines cargo firm. This direction is claimed to connect LAX and Hong Kong, which are considered to be the biggest air cargo hubs in the whole world.

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The freights of AA from LAX to HKG are planned to be daily and direct. Such solution will bring plenty of advantages, such as:

  • quicker delivery
  • possibility to transport foods and the other fresh goods
  • spreading the influence of the company in the Asian countries.
  • Moreover, it will allow the online shoppers from the USA to get more and faster parcels.

This is not the first route, which has been created in order to widen the network of American Cargo logistics company. According to the representatives of the firm, before launching the direction from LAX to Hong Kong, they have made the decision to create the routes to Tokyo-Haneda and Auckland. This has allowed building the network of AA air cargo services in the Pacific region.

American Airline air cargo: the reasons for the future development

American Airlines Cargo’s desire to develop and spread their services is caused by the demand of their customers. And as the managing director of Asian Cargo Sales (Keijiro Ishii) who works for AAC claims, it stays strong.

The current figures of the company show that they carry up to 45,000 tonnes of various air cargos every week. The deliveries of American airways cargo to Hong Kong will allow raising these figures. Besides, American Airlines Cargo firm opens new markets throughout Europe. Such initiative adds about 4.5 million tonnes of cargo to the monthly figures. The company flies not only from Los Angeles but also from the other big cities, such as Dallas.

During the 2016-2017, American Airlines Cargo firm also increased the cargo lift from London (Heathrow), which became possible because of the new aircraft – Boeing 777-300 and Boeing 787. The same Boeing 777-300 is announced to be applied for the new direction to Hong Kong, which means better lifting capacity. The freighter has already been called “cargo-friendly”, as it is able to carry more than 40 LD3.

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Besides the regular transportations, American Airlines participates in various events. The latest actions of the company include the relief flight to Puerto Rico with more than 10,000 tonnes of supplies, which has also added to their reputation. Another contribution was the delivery of special cargos for the Olympics, which took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

More things to know about AAC

With more than 50 years of experience, the company keeps developing and growing by implementing revolutionary technologies and using better freighters. Their network gets bigger every year, while the firm obtains more and more of new clients and partners.

The forecasts say that AAC will continue their evolution, breaking the records of cargo deliveries.

All of the above allows America Airlines Cargo to preserve the leading position in the sphere of freights achieving sky-high success.