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COSCO Shipping Lines, which used to be American lines shipping and carried out transportation from Australia to South America, has included the Riga port (Latvia) in the new container transport line Poland-Finland Express. Breakbulk services report the latest news from Breakbulk ship!

In Riga Port (Latvia) Poland-Finland Express has been launched – the container shipping line of COSCO Shipping Lines, one of the world’s largest container shipping companies.

Fateful decision

blue and red cargo ship on dock during night time

It is noted that the COSCO Shipping Lines decision to include the Riga port in the route of its container transport line confirms the competitiveness and capacities of the Riga port, as well as the Caribbean shipping lines. This will not affect the existing China shipping sailing schedule but will become a prospect for the Gulf Africa line as well as the Gulf American line.

Mediterranean shipping line sailing schedule

COSCO Shipping Lines are part of the Chinese shipping holding COSCO Shipping Lines, the fourth largest container carrier in the world.

In 2018, the line of Poland-Finland Express received the status of a regular shipping line in the Riga port, as well as the Mediterranean steamship line and now six container transport lines are active in the Riga port. They connect different routes to Riga with all the important ports of the Baltic Sea, as well as with the largest ports of container transit in Europe.

Expert opinion

The arrival of each new container line and a new container carrier to the Riga port opens the way for new commercial activities and the possibility to increase the volume of containers in the port. In addition, it confirms that the Port of Riga has all the prerequisites to become a regional center of the Baltic container transit, namely, it is a favorable location in the center of the Baltic with high-quality services of the port and terminals and an ever-growing volume of containers available for the red sea shipping.

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In 2017, the sea shipping lines in the port of Riga demonstrated a record high volume of container cargoes – in 2017, 4.6 million tons of container cargoes were shipped via the port. The port of Riga not only registered one of the largest volume increases in the entire Baltic Sea region, but also the company managed to increase the market share of the port in the container transport segment to 9.8% of the total volume of container cargoes on the route from South America to Australia.