Break bulk 2016 gives the exhibitors wonderful experience providing the important tips

The Manual is created in order to give the future participants an opportunity to get ready for the event. The exhibitions for the Break bulk Americas forum demand serious preparations.

The first thing, which should be thought over, is accommodation. The booking is always fulfilled by means of the event’s official service called OnPeak. Thus, the organizers of the forum can guarantee high-quality services, excellent rates, and availability.

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On the official website, there is a special calendar, which can help the participants make all the necessary arrangements including:

  • hotel booking
  • Booth Rendering Approval submission
  • Exhibitor Certificate of Liability Insurance submission
  • furniture/equipment/installations order
  • catering order, etc.

Such quick reference tool allows making fast arrangements and getting ready for the exhibition.

Another important thing is the George R. Brown Convention Center schedule. Every stage is planned:

  • move-in (it includes the accommodation and decorations making)
  • Exhibition Hall and Show Dates
  • move-out.

The Exhibitor Manual has all the required technical details for the comfort of the visitors.

Break bulk 2016: general information

The forum known as Break bulk America was created over 25 years ago. It takes place in Houston, Texas every year. The event of 2016 was scheduled for the 26-29 of September. The forum is always visited by the representatives of various big companies and organizations of the logistics industry.

Break bulk 2016 was full of interesting events including:

  • conference sessions
  • seminars
  • business runs
  • exhibitions
  • showcases
  • workshops, etc.

The issues discussed during the 2016 event included the actual problems of the industry:

  • land/barge transportation
  • oil prices problems
  • logistics supply chain issue
  • freight management
  • Break bulk cargoes problems, etc.
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Everything was carried out according to the schedule planned. The participants shared their knowledge, practical skills, ideas, and achievements.