Aqua-Dragon International Logistics becomes a new GPLN member

GPLN accepts Aqua-Dragon Logistics as a new member

In 2016, Aqua-Dragon joined the Global Project Logistics Network becoming its full member. For the company, it is a new stage of development. The mutual work of the organizations will improve the reputation of Aqua-Dragon allowing them cooperation with the customers all over the world.

Aqua-Dragon International Logistics: history and general information

The history of the company started in 2010. It was growing and developing for several years. Today they are known as specialists able to find effective logistics solutions for the clients in various parts of the globe. The services of the company are numerous:

  • the forwarding of freight
  • land tracking
  • door-to-door logistics
  • sea transportations
  • over-dimensional transportations
  • lifting works
  • project logistics
  • projects preparation for the transportations
  • barging, etc.

The company works on their own equipment, thus, providing the highest quality of the services. They have haulers of the premier class, such as Volvo and Mercedes, heavy low-bed trailers, girder bridges, and other supporting equipment. The firm guarantees:

  • safety
  • reliability
  • expedition of the whole process of lifting/transportation.

GPLN: important information about the network

GPLN is a network, which consists of independent organizations specializing in various types of transportations by air, water, road or railway. There are also members involved in the cargo lifting activity and dealing with oversized loads.

The organization carefully selects their members. All of them are top figures of the logistics sphere. The affiliates of GPLN are located throughout the globe. Their customers are usually well-known international corporations.

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The key specialization of GPLN is project cargo. The projects carried out by its members might be connected with infrastructure, energy sector, petroleum industry, etc. Some of the participants work in the remote locations.

The key reason for becoming a member is to expand the network of the company all over the world. Being a part of GPLN is a sign of quality and professionalism. Besides, the firms always know their partners and clients as all the contracts are signed via GPLN. The regional and global meetings are carried out by the organization in order to share knowledge and experience with the colleagues.