Arrived, Took and Surprised

Never before has the Aktau airport experienced this kind of excitement. Border guards, customs officers, handlers, cleaning ladies, and the airport engineers and technicians lined up along the airplanes parking site with their video and photo cameras ready. Everybody was waiting for the world’s biggest plane Mriya to land.

Landing of the An-225 (also known as Mriya) became possible thanks to recent repair and extension of the airport strip. Now it is 3,050 meters long.

The An-225 arrived in Aktau to pick up a large 135-ton cargo which had been shipped to the Port of Kuryk from Turkey. The next destination for this big and non-divisible load is Karaganda. There, this equipment will be used at a concrete plant. The cast items will be used in construction of facilities in the Caspian offshore and otherwise. The precast factory was launched in November this year.

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