ARTCO Stevedoring is launched by ADM’s subsidiary on Lower Mississippi

The initiation of ARTCO: fleeting and other services

The new project was initiated by the subsidiary firm of ADM (Archer Daniels Midland corporation) – American River Transportation.

There are 5 mid-stream locations, which are now under the full control and operation of ARTCO. They are located between the markers 110-121. There are plenty of facilities offered by ARTCO Stevedoring:

  • the transfers of the loads
  • boat services
  • fleeting
  • crane options
  • ship services
  • warehousing
  • stevedoring
  • container facilities
  • rail/road operation.

ARTCO also operates an impressive barge line, which allows providing the barging services.

Such a project is able to start a new era in the region. The staff for the ARTCO project came from St. James Stevedoring Partners. It means that all the specialists are qualified and experienced. They offer global logistics expertise and integration onto the ADM’s network.

As the ARTCO’s director of operations in the Gulf region claims, the services provided are unique in the region. Besides, the specialists are able to satisfy the transloading requirements thanks to the application of modern cranes, such as Gottwald and Terex. The company acquires more and more cranes every year in order to expand the options. As a result, their opportunities go far beyond the Lower Mississippi region.

ADM: general information about the company

The company under discussion appeared about a century ago. They started as a small firm transferring the crops into goods, which were highly demanded by the developing world. Today ADM is a global corporation and ingredients producer and provider, who works with the customers all over the globe. The staff of the company reaches over 130,000 people, while the clients are located in 170 world countries.

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The company has a striving for the innovations and development. They even have over 44 innovation centers of their own. ADM deals not just with production but also with transportations using the high-tech equipment and cost-effective solutions in order to connect the products to the peoples’ homes.

The main office of the company is situated in Chicago, the State of Illinois. The sales keep growing every year. In 2016, the figures totaled more than $62 billion.

Nowadays the corporation keeps developing and creating new opportunities for both local and international customers.