CB & I was announced to work for the LACC Ethane Cracker Project in Lake Charles, Louisiana

LACC Ethane Cracker Project is known as a joint project of the Lotte Chemical firm based in South Korean and Axiall Corporation from Atlanta. It takes place in the southwestern part of Louisiana (the Lake Charles). It is aimed at developing of the chemistry infrastructure. The key task of LACC is the development of the facility for the ethylene production. It works in cooperation with Lotte’s mono-ethylene glycol plant. Ethylene is a colorless and odorless gas, which is widely applied in organic building block compound.

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According to the information from the corporations’ representatives, the LACC project is going to produce one million tonnes of ethylene yearly. To reach the highest efficiency at low costs, the companies will use energy-intensive production, the key aspects of which are the recovery of heat and the usage of well-designed steam.

Axiall details

Axiall’s a large company with over 6,200 staff members and about 1,700 people working only in Louisiana. Its history started in 1986. There are more than 47 locations operated by the corporation all over the USA. The firm’s direction is chemical and plastic products. The company is an international manufacturer and suppliers of:

  • petrochemicals
  • building products
  • plastics.

Lotte Chemical information

It is one of the leading Asian companies, which works in the sphere of chemicals. It was established in 1976 in South Korea. The key purpose of the organization is the localization and development of petrochemical technologies. They keep expanding their business, plants, and the production of petrochemical raw materials. The main high-quality products of the firm include:

  • ethylene
  • LDPE
  • functional resin
  • EG
  • PIA
  • SM
  • HDPE
  • LLDPE, etc.
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The cooperation with CB & I at Lake Charles site, LA

According to the announcement from September 2, CB & I – one of the largest sulfur processing companies, will take part in the joint venture in LA. Lotte Chemical and Axiall companies have awarded CB & I with the contract for the servicing their project at Lake Charles site, Louisiana.

The CB & I firm will be responsible for:

  • the construction at Lake Charles site
  • procurement
  • engineering works
  • spheres/spools supplies
  • fabrication.

The contract is estimated at $1.3 billion.

The construction at Lake Charles site is not the first cooperation for CBI. They have already provided the LACC project with the services of front-end engineering. During the new partnership, they will apply the reliable ethylene technologies, such as:

  • selective cracking heaters
  • separation procedures at low-pressure
  • the mixed way of refrigeration
  • recovery section design.

The technologies allow not just making the works more efficient but also minimizing their costs.

CB & I in the state of Louisiana, the Lake Charles: general information

CBI is a leading company, which works for the energy industry. They provide the customers with the appropriate technologies and infrastructure. The primary advantages of the firm are:

  • reliability
  • safety
  • effectiveness
  • high standards of work.

CB & I, which offers services in LA and all over the world, specializes in:

  • sulfur processing
  • refining
  • hydrogen/syn-gas production
  • petrochemicals
  • gasification/regasification, etc.

CBI has achieved great advantaged in sulfur processing and today it is ready for the next step in cooperation with international giants in LA.