Introducing to your attention a sk350 crane that will impress you

The crane AL.SK350 from the manufacturer ALE recently passed the test. During the test, the crane lifted a cargo of 3,300 tons. The boom of this 130-meter-long crane has an A-shape.

To date, the crane AL.SK350 shows a cargo moment of 354,000 ton-meters, this figure is a record among all land-based cranes. This impressive crane with the index AL.SK350 is produced by ALE company and just a few days ago it was assembled completely with a ballast of 4,000 tons, which is put out to a working radius of 49 meters. Its main A-shaped arrow is 130 meters long and is put on the base of 18 meters. The tests were carried out in one of the Brazilian ports, where the crane was able to lift a cargo of 3,300 tons.

Cargo equipment

orange metal crane under blue sky during daytime

The AL.SK350 is equipped with a basic winch of 4,000 tons and an auxiliary winch of 600 tons. For cargoes weighing up to 5,000 tons, it can be equipped with a system of cable hydraulic jacks. Now, this crane demonstrates a cargo moment of 354,000 ton-meters and this figure was not surpassed by any of land-based cranes.

One of the cities in Colombia carried out a successful cargo project. It has raised about 1,640 modules made of concrete to be installed at the top of the columns as part of the construction of the Panama City 2nd Metro Line. Having a length of 20 to 30 m and a width of 5 m, each part had a weight of up to 161 tons. Two mobile cranes Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 have been used for dealing with this task.

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Lifting tests

After a rough landing of the helicopter on the deck of floating production, storage and unloading in the basin of Brazil, it was successfully raised by the construction of the heavy elevator SSCV OOS Gretha. Gretha was the only car that can quickly and safely lift a helicopter on an oil platform in the sea.

Drive system with two cranes

A 200-ton drive was put on a ship in the port of Kehl with two Demag AC 500-8 and Demag AC 700-9 cranes. The design of the MSG Krandienst team helped raise the tunnel-boring machine and transfer it with great precision. To ensure the required stability, a 12-meter star-shaped base was used.