BNSF Logistics took part in the Natgasoline’s construction of US$1 billion methanol plant in Texas

Natgasoline is a methanol production complex, which is building the plant in Beaumont, TX. The parent company of the firm is OCI, which is a global producer of various fertilizers and chemicals based on the natural gas (the plant in Beaumont, TX is their initiative as well).

The company is situated in the Netherlands. The production facilities are located in:

  • the USA
  • Egypt
  • the Netherlands
  • Algeria.

The corporation has the leading positions in the world with the average production of almost 8.5 million metric tons of fertilizers/chemicals. Last year, the capacity reached the figures of 12.5 million metric tons.

Being one of the greatest methanol production facilities, Natgasoline is based on the modern technologies:

Lurgi MegaMethanol (the advanced technology, which allows transforming natural gas into methanol at a low price in big quantity)

Best Available Environmental Control Technology (gives an opportunity for the great reduction of the pollutions with the consideration of the cost).

The company has the technical support and leadership of the parent organization and access to:

  • industrial gases
  • logistics infrastructure
  • laboratories
  • excellent distribution
  • workshops.

BNSF transportations for Natgasoline

According to the received data, the BNSF Logistics firm was hired to deliver special cargo for the construction of the methanol plant. There were multiple over dimensional cargoes of refining equipment on board, such as the components of the plant construction. The way lay from China to the Port of Houston, the United States.

BNSFL applied special equipment to ship the cargoes:

  • barge
  • 24-axle-line transporter (the model of Goldhofer PST-SLE).
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As soon as the cargo arrived, it was offloaded. The process took 2 days. Thus, the delivery was fulfilled according to the schedule.

  • BNSF Logistics and their partners from BNSF’s Global Project Center were responsible for the organization of the delivery, which brought plenty of benefits:
    better management of shipping
  • secure delivery
  • good coordination of a transportation.

Thanks to the professionalism of BNSF, the construction of the methanol plant has already started as well as the production. It has become one of the first plants in the country, which transform natural gas into gasoline.

The initiative to build the plant was supported by many investments because of the low prices of natural gas in the USA and the growing demands for methanol.

BNFS Logistics

BNSF Logistics’ parent company is Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC, which was established in 1993. BNSF Logistics is a multi-modal and 3rd-party firm, which offers various transportation services. The freights are made to the majority of countries all over the globe for import or export purposes.

BNSF has partners and customers not only in the United States but also in Europe, South America, Australia Asia, Africa, and Canada.

The firm offers different services including:

  • the transportation of general cargoes
  • sea and air deliveries
  • the management and organization of shipping
  • project cargo
  • consulting services.

The firm offers both international and local services using the modern technologies and facilities.