Bechtel’s new projects present innovative risk-based approach

Bechtel Corp in Houston, TX: a new era for the logistics

Bechtel in Houston has always been a heart of innovations. Today Bechtel has decided to go further in order to improve the logistics industry. They are aimed at the reduction of the probability of unexpected occurrences and, as a result, the reduction of expense.

To reach their goal, Houston company Bechtel uses 4D simulation and virtual reality to manage the cargo transportations. Thus, the logistics might become more predictable, which is comfortable for the carriers and cargo owners. Such an approach can also lower the costs of transportations. Thus, it is possible to immediately understand that something is going wrong and prevent a domino effect. Besides, everyone understands that even 1-day delay can lead to the expensive consequences.

brown wooden pallet on gray concrete floor

The approach will allow evaluating the risks, prices, and schedule, thus, allowing the customers understanding the possibilities of how the shipping program will operate. Other innovative technologies might be also applied, such as drones, holographic computers, 360-degree cameras, etc. in order to show the holograms. Timesaving and safety will become the greatest advantages.

Bechtel: history, management, and strategy

The company was established in 1898. The head office of Bechtel Corporation is located in San Francisco. Among the significant figures of Bechtel, there are:

  • Nick Crow (the chartering manager in a lab)
  • Trent Legendre (the technologist of transport and logistics)
  • Steve Spoljarik (the Deputy Field Procurement Manager at Chemicals, Oil, and Gas Bechtel division in Houston)
  • Jorge Reyes (the estimator of transport and logistics).
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The Bechtel’s annual revenue totals over $32 billion.

For the development of their innovative project, Bechtel cooperates with the University of Houston’s College of Technology. As Neil N. Eldin (the dean of the college) says, there is a practical application for such an innovation.

Bechtel has plenty of benefits, which allow them developing innovative projects. They have an Overseas Resource center, laboratory, and other facilities. Bechtel also works on many construction projects:

  • Baytown Project, Texas
  • Deer Park, TX, etc.

You can dial Bechtel Corporation resource center phone number to ask for vacant positions and application status of the Bechtel’s projects. There is more information available on