Nagel Lift Truck opens its doors as part of an educational day

The beginning of the event is at 8:30 AM. The organizers allocate half an hour for preparation, after which the main program begins. The first statement is a welcome word from the company manager. After that, visitors will receive a report on the work of the company, as well as on its comprehensive service. The main theme is working with a wide range of enterprises, including shippers and forwarders. In the process of conducting the lecture, the head will necessarily discuss all aspects with participants and will help understand the problems of cargoes.

The next lecture includes a story about a copper mining project in Peru. This customer is also a very large producer of aluminum. The importance of the project lies in the huge amount of useful information about the details and plans for this project.

truck on highway during daytime

In between lectures, you can visit a coffee break, where you will be treated with delicious fresh coffee. The next stage of the event is a set of exercises related to chartering. You can learn the basics of chartering and learn about some key details.

At the lectures, you will learn the difference between loss and profit, can understand how the control over expenses is carried out. This will help you optimize logistics costs in your business.

Afternoon: Nagel Lift Truck

Another item of this event will be a report on marine cyber security. In its framework, viewers will be introduced with various new models to ensure the stability and security of systems in the country.

Also, the speakers will try to explain in detail all the nuances that can be encountered in the process of working with freight transport.

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Part of the event will be a trade fair where students can discuss in detail all the prospects and choose the direction of their future career. This is a part of the company’s policy regarding newcomers.

The end of the evening will be marked by the appointment of critical remarks, which will need to be noted. In fact, this event is a collection of advice and practical recommendations that will be useful to all participants.