Transport lift event for all comers. Find out about the schedule of the day!

Logistics is a relatively new direction in business, without which, however, it is already impossible to imagine the work of large companies. For many modern managers, logistics is one of the toughest topics.

The work of the warehouse is often stalled because there is no label on every unit of the product indicating its code, ideally a unique one, for example a barcode. Some companies still don’t have special software for warehousing and transport management, a detailed logistics accounting system (transport, storage costs and other).

silhouette of metal cranes at worksite during golden hour

They work on the principle of ‘stopping holes’ in blurred environment, sometimes missing criteria for assessing the effectiveness of work – this is only the top of the iceberg called “the problems of logistics.” Do you not only want to work effectively in a new, promising area, reach the next level, find non-standard solutions? Do managers of large companies think about the state of logistics in the country and existing problems? How do they solve them? You will learn about this at the event.

The final part of the lift event

The batch of measures includes work on universal laws that are applicable in the transport sector. All the points of interest, including details about the distribution of the load, will also be discussed at the event.

Lunch starts at 12 o’clock. Visitors have free time until 2:30 PM. After that, other activities start, including the functionality of various work and business processes. You can attend a lecture on the fundamentals of Archimedes’ rights, as well as perform operations on loading and shutting down.

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The final chord of this event will be an overview of the choice of vessels, taking into account their characteristics. Do not forget about the creative component: a lecture on creative solutions in the business sector is waiting for you. The event is planned until 5 PM.