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General Electric company appeared in the US. In 1989, the firm became well known as General Electric Canada, which is its main name until today.

It has been incorporated on the Canadian territory. The date of its creation is 1892 as a member of Edison Electric Light Company of Canada (located near Ontario).

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CGE hired approximately 500 workers at the beginning & they have started producing generators, engines, motors, wires & cables & covered products for consumers & industrial products.

Bellemare transport and transportation features

When transporting to Canada or vice versa, multimodal schemes are developed that allow delivering cargoes to the designated point rationally and expediently with the use of various types of vehicles.

The optimal option for delivering goods to Canada, both at cost and transport speed, is sea. After delivering a cargo to a large port (Vancouver, Montreal and so on) via feeder lines, it can be delivered to small ports along the coast, and using river transport – along the way of the Saint Laurenia and the Great American Lakes deep into the country. The fastest, but at the same time, the most expensive way of delivering goods to Canada is aviation. At the same time, the cost of air transportation can be justified by the need to shorten the time of transportation of perishable goods.

International sea transport from Canada is carried out in 174 seaports. The largest container terminals are located in Vancouver (West Coast), Montreal (Central), St. John and Toronto, Halifax, St. John’s (East Coast). The annual container turnover of the largest of them – Vancouver – is 2.8 million TEU. The St. Lawrence Sea Route allows large ships passing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes. The largest seaport of Canada is the port of Vancouver, which serves about 15% of all sea and river cargo transportation of the country. The port of Vancouver is located in the Georgia Strait, with access to the Pacific Ocean. Harbor is sheltered from waves and wind and does not freeze in winter. The port of Vancouver includes more than 100 berths with a total length of 16 km.

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