The Belt & Road initiative makes another step for cargo traffic between China and Sudan

Meet a new dam from China in Sudan, Africa

A new China hydroelectric dam was inaugurated in Sudan. The new dam was manufactured in China for the hydroelectric plant. Such an event also became a mark of the further Belt & Road Initiative development, which is aimed at the development of the traffic for project cargo. The initiative was launched in 2013.

Among the attendant of the start of the 1st power generating unit, there were Omar Hassan Al Bashir (the Sudan’s president) and several Chinese authorities. The members of International Water and Electric Corporation (a contractor for dam building from China) were also among the visitors of the opening.

blue and red cargo containers

The specialists express the strong belief that the new dams made in China are able to provide over 28% of the whole Sudan population with the electric power, system of irrigation, and clear water. In accordance with the received data, the price of the new hydroelectric reservoir and factory totaled $2 billion.

The initiation of the construction happened in 2010. First, a reservoir of 3,000,000,000 cubic meters was created. The capacity planned reached 320 megawatts. As for the dam built in China, it cost almost $840 million. It is vital that the risks of its break are very low.

80-megawatt unit currently operates. It is one of 4 generating elements planned to be launched.

The CWE company: general data

The firm under consideration is a Chinese company, which works on construction and engineering projects. The organization is a CTE’s subsidiary. The key direction for the firm is water and hydropower production. Besides, they also deal with:

  • roads
  • bridges
  • drainage systems
  • ports maintenance, etc.
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According to the information from Engineering News-Record, the organization was listed as the 74th largest company involved in engineering and construction activity in 2014. By now, there have at least four working hydroelectric plants controlled by CWE.

Along with the hydropower activity, the company deals with the wind power. The parent company of the firm is responsible for the development of the largest wind farms in Pakistan and Jordan.

The CWE company is aimed at constant development in order to provide the global population with the sustainable, reliable, and safe sources of energy. Wonderful reputation and world recognition prove that the firm copes with such a complicated task.