Benefits and special properties of Dr.Shrink wrap

Product Benefits: Dr.Shrink

Thanks to its standard size, excellent performance characteristics, the industrial bulk shrinkwrap is often used in western construction. Today, domestic companies are also striving to learn from the experience of their foreign colleagues. It often concerns Dr. Sbi.

Shrinkwrap has several applications in construction. First of all, it is the ability to create a temporary roof. Lack of financing, unfinished construction, the roof destroyed after a fire – in all these cases, it is necessary to protect the building from precipitation. And the best option is to preserve the object using a shrinkwrap.

The technology of creating a temporary roof of the wrap Dr. Shrink, as well as supporting structures, is excellent for a number of advantages:

  • excellent installation speed
  • the price is much cheaper than ordinary roofing
  • the design will withstand winter storage.

The temporary roof can be dismantled in stages; this will allow the building to be protected before and during the installation of the permanent roof.

The shrink-wrap conducts light perfectly, so you can repair the building under the packaging material during the day without any additional light sources.

Use of material

Also, shrink-wrap can be used as temporary walls. Sometimes work has to be done in one part of the room. Then there is a need for the fence of this site. It will also allow creating an ideal microclimate in the separated part of the room, maintaining an acceptable part of the air there, without heating the huge room completely. With the help of shrink-wrap, you can protect another part of the premises from building dust, which is also a big plus. It is only necessary to create protective screens.

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Construction wrap is widely used to close scaffolding. This problem must be solved during the restoration of facades. Previously, they were closed with a reinforced wrap or mesh. Today it is more profitable to do with the help of industrial shrink-wrap by Dr. Shrink.

Due to the operational characteristics of the wrap, its parts are soldered when heated. This allows creating a solid surface of large sizes. Under this shelter an optimal microclimate for the organization of restoration works is created. In addition, the thermal wrap protects passers-by from the accidentally falling tool or construction debris.