Bengal Transportation made the traffic in New Orleans quite heavy in spring 2014

Bengal is considered to be one of the leading transportation companies, which cooperates with various industries, such as:

  • fossil fuel
  • nuclear sector
  • renewables, etc.

The complex transportation facilities and lifting equipment are applied by the company to meet the requirements of the customers.

The firm offers the transportation, lifting, and installation of:

  • wind turbines
  • boilers
  • generators
  • steam drums
  • equipment and modules of the power plants, etc.

Bengal also proposes the construction and crane services for the power plants, relocation of tanks, and the repair works.

Thanks to the great facilities and equipment, the company is able to transport various cargoes of different weight and size.

New Orleans traffic rules


Being a very calm city, New Orleans consists of the rural areas and land. The government has created the special car lanes to make it comfortable for the citizens getting to work. The traffic is strictly regulated by the certain rules in order to predict the congestion.

However, there are situations when it is necessary to apply the large and heavy machinery to transport various cargoes throughout the city. For this purpose, the High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (or HOV lanes) have been created by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. According to the rules, there are certain hours, when the heavy vehicles and equipment can be used on them.

HOV lane in New Orleans in 2014

Bengal Transportation Company crossed the city of New Orleans with its heavy equipment in the spring of 2014. The transportation started from the city port, where the vehicles had been loaded with the skid. Their way laid through the tight turns, urban street ways, and overpasses. The downtown of the city saw the haul Peterbilt tractor, which hauled the Bengal’s Perimeter Trailer. To assist the transport, control the way and traffic, the vehicles were escorted by the state police. Such decision helped Bengal successfully fulfill the transportation.

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