Best time to visit Russia – advantages of different seasons

Russia’s must-visit sights

The first Russian must-visit places are Moscow, Kremlin, St. Petersburg palaces, cathedrals and, of course, the diverse nature sights. For those who haven’t made plans for the trip but are eager to get vivid and long-lasting memories, it is crucial to the visit to see 2 Russian capitals: Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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When to go to Russia

There is no specific time of the year for visiting Russia, because each season has something interesting to offer.

During winter, you can spend time at museums, theaters and other historical objects; learn about the culture through different kinds of festivals and fairs – a lot of them are held around Christmas time. Take into account that winter is the season of the lowest hotel prices, so you will be able to save some money. In Russia, there are hotels for every taste and price, all providing comfortable conditions and high quality service. No matter the season, time spent in Russia will bring you warm, bright memories.


Spring vacation to Russia

In the beginning of the spring, it is still pretty cold, but in April it starts to get warmer and warmer, grass and trees become green, flowers bloom everywhere, filling the air with sweet smell.

May is an especially good time to go to some famous parks, like Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg, or to walk around various cities and towns, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and warm fresh air. If you come in the beginning of May you can participate is several Russian holidays: Labor day on May 1st and Victory day on May 9th. 

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Summer in Russia

Summer is one of the best times to see everything in Russia. It can either be in Moscow or you can go further and visit some remote parts of the country, like Siberia, Altai or Kamchatka to explore original nature. You can do this in many different ways, for example to go to Lake Baikal – the world’s longest and deepest lake.

If travelling in summer, you will also have an opportunity to have a look at some famous historical places, including residences of the Russian Tsars, and take a breathtaking river cruise. In St. Petersburg, summertime is also famous for its White Nights. You will get a chance to dive into the city’s atmosphere and enjoy magnificent night walks and bridge partings.

Other places to visit include Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Peterhof – spend your summer diving into a new culture.


Spend fall in Russia

Fall is also a good time to go on a Russian vacation. Until the middle of October, the weather will remain warm enough, but not as hot as in summer. Plus, the leaves on the trees will start to change their colors, painting the streets in yellow, orange, red and brown.

Autumn is the best time to enjoy some kind of river voyage on a small boat with a warm blanket and a cup of tea, while looking at beautiful landscapes and sightseeing of Moscow or Petersburg from water. You will be also satisfied with long strolls in Moscow parks, where the ground is becoming to be one huge colorful carpet made of bright leaves.

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Winter tours to Russia

 Russian winters are very cold. Beginning with mild December, it starts to get colder and colder in the next two months. While Moscow and St. Petersburg are still fine for most people, the Eastern part of the Russia gets extremely cold, so don’t forget to bring really warm clothes with you. Eastern Russia vacations in wintertime are for absolute cold and snow lovers.

During winter, you will get an opportunity to visit all the most interesting museums, theatres and exhibitions; to become part of the annual festivals and fairs. In December, there are New Year’s decoration all around the cities: everything is decorated with beautiful lights, especially some big streets, like Nevsky avenue in St. Petersburg. Besides all the beauty, you can save money on accommodation, because in winter they usually cost less in comparison to other seasons. In Russia, you can find any kind of hotel you want, from cheap hostels to luxury five-stars hotels.

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