Learn more about the biggest crane in the world – a rating based on the latest data

On construction sites in low-rise construction, it is justified to use mobile cranes of small carrying capacity of 25-50 tons. Heavy biggest cranes are used only for “point” operations: for moving particularly heavy loads, installing industrial equipment. One can only assume what kind of architectural monuments the ancient Egyptians would have left to us if at that time they had modern giant truck cranes!

Until recently, it was considered that the title of the best in the category “The world’s largest cranes” belongs to the German mobile crane Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1. But the exhibition Bauma China, which was held in 2012, refuted this. This year, the Chinese company Zoomlion introduced its ring crane.

The biggest ringer crane in the world – Zoomlion

A novelty that broke all records was the ZACB01 car crane, capable of lifting 2,000 tons! The Chinese “Maximal” was created on a 12-wheel all-wheel-drive chassis (24×24, QAY 2000). The crane is equipped with an 8-section telescopic boom 106 meters long. The manufacturer provided for the use four different engines on the machine: 150, 260, 430 and 650 hp. ZACB01 has a mass of 96 tons. You can enjoy watching big cranes photos as well as videos of the big cranes working.

The second place

The second in the rating of “The biggest truck cranes in the world” is the XCMG XCA5000 crane truck machine. Like the Chinese colleague Zoomlion, the XCA5000 model was presented at the Bauma China 2012 exhibition. The XCMG XCA5000 mobile crane has a lifting capacity of 1,600 tons. The development of this impressive lifting mechanism required the Chinese engineers to combine the seven basic technologies in one (intelligent control system). Before the crane was released, 50 patents were issued by the manufacturer.

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The crane is mounted on a 9-axle all-wheel-drive chassis, which is supplemented by an electro-hydraulic steering servo and an air-hydraulic suspension. The feature of the truck crane XCA5000 is the possibility of moving the “crab” way, i.e. sideways. The machine is able to move along the highway at a speed of up to 80 km/h, its mass is 96 tons. The boom of the truck crane reaches 105 m in height and 165.5 m with a cantilever extension.


In its arsenal, XCMG has another masterpiece of lifting equipment, which rightfully can require a place in the ranking of the largest truck cranes in the world. This is a 1,200-ton car crane of model QAY1200. Many experts note the similarity of this model to the truck crane of the German concern Liebherr. In many respects, this is the result of close cooperation between the two companies.

XCMG QAY1200 was first introduced at the exhibition in 2010. The machine received recognition and trust of the public only after a long series of tests, the most interesting of which was the rise by the truck crane QAY1200 of another truck crane of the company QY160K with a payload capacity of 160 tons worth 1 million 305 thousand dollars to a height of 80 meters in 2012. To complicate the experiment, a full cup of water was put on the QY160K. The precise work of the operator when lifting and lowering the load to the ground did its job: not a single drop was spilled from the cup.