The award of $350 million contract is given to the Blue Water transportation company in 2017

Blue Water is one of the leading companies in the sphere of logistics and transportation with more than 60 offices in over 25 countries. It appeared and started developing more than 40 years ago.

The headquarters of the firm is located in southern Denmark on the west coast of Jutland peninsula in Esbjerg. It is a worldwide known company, which offers international transportation services, such as reefer logistics, marine shipping, wind logistics, and general cargoes transportation. They work in various industrial spheres including oil and gas, defense and military sector, etc. Among the key Blue Water events, there is participation in the humanitarian mission.

cargo ship on dock during daytime

The firm has plenty of customers because of the great transportation facilities, which are land vehicles, sea, and air freighters. Besides, among the personnel of the company, there are professionals in:

  • insurance
  • chartering
  • warehousing
  • coordination, etc.

The biggest Blue Water venture: TCO transportation deal

In the spring of 2017, it has become known that the Blue Water company is awarded a $350 million contract. According to it, they will have to deliver project management and transportation to Kazakhstan for Tengizchevroil firm. The latest is the biggest organization in the country, which carries out the geological surveys and mining of the largest deposit known as Tengiz oil field, which is situated in the northwestern part of Kazakhstan’s wetlands in the northeast shores of the Caspian Sea. Tengizchevroil adheres to the highest security standards, principles of the environmental protection, and reliable manufacturing operations. The history of the firm started in 1993. The partnership of Tengizchevroil includes:

  • ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Ventures
  • Chevron
  • KazMunaiGas NC JSC
  • LukArco.
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In accordance with the existing information, Blue Water Corporation is favored to deliver special modules of transport and other cargo for this company. The total weight of transport’s estimated to amount 1,800 tonnes. The key reason to give the contract to the Blue Water company is its track record of the shipping. What is more, as the representative of Blue Water claims, the firm will carry the responsibility for the project management of the fifteen module carrying vessels (MCV) during the whole period of TCO project. The vessels themselves are operated and owned by the specialists from the United Arab Emirates – Topaz Energy & Marine company. The ships are created in Romania and Vietnam by the builders from the Group of Vard Shipyard.

To reach the field in Kazakhstan, the representatives of Blue Water will have to go across the river system through the Russian Federation.

The cooperation of two giants promises to bring profit to both sides allowing widening the transportation network for the Blue Water company and modernizing the oil extraction in Kazakhstan.

It has appeared to be another step forward to a new partnership for Blue Water on the international scene. Thus, we can expect the further growth and development of the company in the nearest future.