BNSF Logistics completed the delivery of FPL transformer with the weight of 200 tonnes

The delivery of FPL’s equipment was successfully completed

FPL chose BNSF Logistics to transport their heavy equipment – a transformer with the weight of 200 tonnes. The transportation started by the railway. The unit was delivered to Miami. Then the freight was carried out by road. BNSF Logistics applied their Goldhofer platform trailer for the transportation.

The destination of the delivery was FPL Levee substation. Besides the transportation, BNSFL was also a partner of the company for heavy-lifting operations. The specialists helped position various units on their foundations.

BNSF Logistics: general data about the contractor

BNSF Logistics is a company with a headquarters in Flower Mound, TX. They are experts in project cargo, sea, air, rail, road transportations, intermodal, and LTL transport.

The firm is a subsidiary of BNSF. It appeared more than 160 years ago. BNSF Logistics is considered to be a transport intermediary for various companies all over the globe. Today they are a developing organization, which keeps expanding their presence in every part of the world. The firm provides high-quality solutions for various logistics purposes to meet the requirements of the clients. BNSF Logistics provides the customers with the complex freight to any part of the world and general cargo transportations in North America. BNSFL is also a member of Worldwide Project Consortium, which is created to link the representatives of the breakbulk industry across the globe.

FPL: general information about Florida Power and Light Company

FPL’s one of the biggest firms, which provides electricity in the USA. It is a division of Juno Beach, Next Era Energy, with its headquarters in Florida. The firm has almost 5 million accounts of the customers and over 10 million people using the services across Florida. The company offers the lowest prices across the country. The supplier is almost 100% reliable, while the services provided are of the highest quality. The company’s fleet is fuel-sufficient. Besides, it is also one of the cleanest in the industry. FPL is recognized as a top company in the southern part of the US. In 2016, the company was recognized by MSI as one of the most reliable US electric providers.

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The number of workers of FPL totals almost 9,000 people. In the Fortune’s list of World’s Most Admired firms in 2017, the company became the first.