Another BNSF Logistics’ location in Mexico as a part of their expansion strategy

BNSF news releases announce the establishment of a new office

Another BNSF Logistics location is founded in Mexico. The office is located in Querétaro, which is in the very center of Mexico. The office is planned to be operated by means of the subsidiary firm BNSF Railway Servicios de Logistics.

The representatives of the company claim that the establishment of the office is one more step in their investment & expansion strategy in the region. As a result, they hope to provide the existent customers with the better services and attract new clients to the firm.

red and blue cargo containers

The office is focused on the expertise in:

  • over-the-road truck-loading
  • temperature-controlled transport
  • flatbed truck-loading
  • LTL (less-than-load shipping)
  • intermodal transportation.

Besides, the new office is a support for BNSF Logistics, LLC because it allows expanding their presence in the global market as well.

Luis Hernández was selected by the heads of the company to be a leader of Railway Servicios de Logistics of BNSF. As they say, he is an experienced specialist, who worked for American freight carrier & transportation and Werner Enterprises. He has over 17 years of experience in the sphere. As BNSFL hopes, he will bring lots of advantages to their expansion and future development.

BNSF Logistics: general data about the organization

BNSF Logistics is a division of a big corporation BNSF. The latest was established more than 160 years ago. BNSF Logistics division works as a transport intermediary. Today they are a fast-growing organization, which offers only efficient and high-quality facilities. The firm provides creative solutions for the logistics aims in order to fully meet the needs of the clients.

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BNSF Logistics offers complex transportations to any part of the word and general transportations across North America. The company is famous for a large fleet of vehicles, which can fulfill the transportations by sea, road, railway or air. Among the services, there are also:

  • project cargo
  • LTL
  • truckloads
  • intermodal transport.

Nowadays BNSF Logistics keeps directing to the development and global expansion. They open more and more offices throughout the world. BNSF offers jobs in Dallas, TX and other states. The current strategy is their further expansion in Mexico. More information about the company and its offices is available on