Boeing 747 crash – one of the last incidents with this plane, a crash in Bangkok

The Boeing 747 crashed after the runway, trying to land during a storm in Bangkok, Thailand.

Three hundred passengers of Boeing 747 got into the airline incident on the approach to Bangkok when the plane shook so that almost 30 people literally flew from their seats.

Boeing Features

Boeing 747 (also referred to as Jumbo Jet or “747”) is a wide-body double-deck long-haul passenger liner, developed by the corporation of the same name in 1969.

Salon overview and layout of the best places

Depending on the model and layout, the passenger compartment of the Boeing 747 is capable of accommodating from 366 to 581 passengers. Currently, the most common is the layout of the cabin liner, which provides the presence of two classes (business and economy), so that it makes sense to consider.

The business class cabin on the Boeing 747 aircraft is located on the upper deck (rows 72-80) and in the bow of the lower deck (rows 1-4). Thus, according to the passenger compartment scheme, the business class of the liner has 44 seats. Here is one central passage, and the seats are placed in accordance with the “2-2” scheme. Seats of this class are comfortable and soft chairs that can be folded (in some versions of the Boeing 747) by 180 degrees, thus transforming into comfortable and cozy beds. Also, depending on the aircraft, business class seats can look like half-closed “coupe” and be placed “herringbone”, providing more legroom. Business class passengers are offered a delicious menu with a wide selection of food and drinks, as well as a set of the fresh press. Some models (mostly produced in the last 10 years) have a built-in multimedia entertainment system that can brighten up time in flight.

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Business class seats are the best on board of the Boeing 747. It should be noted, however, that they are far from equal and among them, there are also not very comfortable options.

History of Boeing

The first flight of the liner was carried out in February 1969, and in 1970 the first Boeing 747 was delivered to Pan American, and its commercial operation began.

Despite all the prophecies of the bad luck and lack of success of the liner, its production continued, and in 2005, a modification of the Boeing 747-400 was created, capable of breathing new life into the airplane. However, it should be noted that gradually the demand for the liner is falling, and the number of companies exploiting it is getting smaller every year. This is due to the greater “age” of the model, as well as the fact that today the air transportation market uses more powerful and new airliners.

Boeing 747 is a bright page in the history of aircraft and air transportation, as well as in the history of the corporation of the same name. Thanks to its, in general, good characteristics, it was able to achieve considerable success in the market of air transportation. However, it should be noted that the days of its fame have already passed, and at the moment there are much more economical aircraft, according to their data, not inferior to the “good old” Jumbo Jet.